Sunday, September 22, 2013

So close, yet so far! 

I am three weeks out from my externship so I can be finished with college. 
I am so excited!
I am so nervous! 
What if I don't get a job?? 

What if I hate it? 

Sheesh. I'm scared of failing, mainly because of these guys here... 

They need me to not fail. 

And my mini, really needs me to not fail, because you know... She is almost a tween... or maybe she is... I dunno when that all starts. But she's starting to get really into fashion, and all that stuff is expensive. 

But... I think... at the end of the day...

we'll be okay. Just gotta keep on, keeping on. 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Inspiration for the day 

I'm a little obsessed with gallery walls. I've always had one... only with just family photos... at this place I want one but I want to incorporate art this time.  

not entirely sure how to go about this. lol. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Wow... It's been a long time. 
Does anyone even remember me? 

I decided to should update this in order to inform people, in case they were worried, as I have been about a couple of bloggers that fell off the face of the planet it seems. 

Unfortunately for me, mine was necessary. My then husband and I had decided to get a divorce. 
Sprung me into probably the worst year of my life. But I've grown into a much better, (at least I think) human being. And I'm happier than I was before, I definitely take time to stop and smell the flowers.
Without getting too much into it, getting a divorce was one of the hardest things I have ever done and it really changed my outlook on everything. Thankfully, Chuck and I remain friends, mainly for the mini's sake, and she is doing very well because of it. 

I had also lost 90 lbs. Finally back into a size 10, super happy with how I looked, even with no makeup and glasses on. I dated, had fun, found out what I liked and didn't like. How much I could stand, and what would drive me crazy. (Did I mention I went crazy for a few weeks too? Nervous breakdown. Oh that was fun.) 

Last year I began dating the love of my life, I've known him half my life, so it wasn't like we'd just met, and it was definitely unexpected, but you know those people whose eyes you avoid because everytime you look into them you think you might end up kissing them? (that could just be me that avoids looking at people who make me feel like that.) Well, one day I just looked, and kept looking, and apparently, he always had those urges too. We're getting married May 31st of next year. :) 

We recently had a cute little son too. Baby goat seems like a good nickname, he looks just like his daddy, who is nicknamed goat. The mini's really in love with him, she loves being a big sister. 

I'm in college right now too, only six more months to go! So, I might start this blog up again, I won't be able to post very frequently, but I figure, I loved it. So I might want to start again. 

Loves and hugs,

Friday, November 12, 2010

life post

I haven't posted in awhile so I thought I would.

We've done a lot recently....

Gone to the pumpkin patch.

Made pumpkin bread.

Went to Sunflowers Market... bought gummy bears in 12 different flavors.

Went trick or treating.... three different times.... I was tired afterwards.

And made eggnog cheesecake that was delish.

What has everyone else been up to?

Friday, October 15, 2010


Sorry it's been a few weeks since I posted! We've been rather busy around here...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Missing something...

The mini really is spoiled... further proof;

This is her birthday present from my in laws... no not the tee-shirt... the puppy. Her name is Goldie and she is a 7 week old Dachshund, she was born the day before the mini's 5th birthday. The dog is a lot of work... I am tired... but they love each other so.... I guess the dog stays...

In other news! I have been working more on that wall in my dining room... man y'all are going to get sick of this wall! lol. I found this really cool project here :

I still think the wall is missing something... it could just be me... but what to do... what to do...

any ideas?

Friday, October 1, 2010

I think I fell in love with Costco...

Sometimes I get these really great ideas and either the follow through kind of.... sucks or sometimes I just have NO idea how to go about it.

I bought some 16x20 frames at michaels on clearance. $3.99 a piece. I looooovvvve clearance. I thought I had pictures big enough to fit inside the matt that came with it... I was wrong, so I put them to the side until an idea of how to correct it came to mind.

I was playing with some of my favorite family photos on picnik when the idea hit me, I could have some of my pictures enlarged!

So I began looking, mainly for prices, at enlargements. Most of my old standbys, Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreens, did not do 11x14, which is the size I needed, I became depressed, searched on the internet and found the cheapest place to do it was $7.99 plus shipping.

Then I decided to start asking around and my friend Audra said, "Have you tried Costco?"

Why no, no I hadn't.

And my mom has a membership...

I check their online site, go to photo, register, upload the pics.... select the sizes and hold my breath. For both pictures to be enlarged to 11x14....


I freaked out and called my mom, placed my order (which turned out to be 6.49 because of tax, but still) and went to Costco with my mom and wandered around.

Got my pictures, (an hour and a half after I placed my order, not bad!!) and placed them in the frames.


Want proof?

(they have since been realigned)

This is my absolute favorite picture of me and my husband ever. We had a professional photographer at our wedding, but somehow all of our pictures came out bad because his lens was smudged. Thankfully, we got our money back for that... anyway, this picture was taken by a friend of my moms, a guy who had a digital camera and took literally 495 pictures of us at the wedding.

I am soooooo happy to have it in 11x14 size now :)

Ever have an experiance like this? One that could've been bad, but turned out fantastic?


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