Monday, April 19, 2010

Bulletin Board project

I was searching online for a new bulletin board and fell in love with this:

and it was only $139 for the big one...I dunno about you but that seems a little pricy for some cork and a frame.

So me being me I set out to do it as cheap as possible... I already had a cork board... and painted the frame black.

I found a damask print online (for free :gasp:) and printed it out on thick paper... then using a xacto knife I cut it out.

I poured some black paint into a bowl and used a foam tipped brush to pat black paint onto the stencil.

First one looked good so I decided to continue. Thirty minutes later it looked like this:

Not exactly like the Grandin Road version, but it's a Simple Contessa special... It fits in with the rest of my office and best of all, IT WAS FREE!


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