Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Reuse old plates

I bought some new plates and decided to reuse the old ones in a decorative manner. (upcycling is fun and good for the enviroment :D )

I should've taken a picture to start off with but it was a blue rimmed plate... I just used a bit of white craft paint to prime it.

Yes, just craft paint, I usually get it on sale 2 for a Dollar over at Michaels, I love that store. Anyway I painted the whole paint blue, doing a couple of coats on each plate.

Then I printed out some pictures, I love The Graphics Fairy for this. :)

Mod Podge it on, use a few coats. (I think I needed four.)


These I made using the free stencil from <--- Clickie it if you wanna see!!
I am super proud of myself.... now I need to hang them or something LOL!


  1. This is seriously fabulous! I've been considering hanging a couple plates, but haven't found anything my style...and really hesitate to spend the money on them. I've got old paints and Mod Podge - - thanks for sharing!