Sunday, July 4, 2010

Almost 10 projects in 10 days

1. Clean out master bedroom closet. Done :) It's messy once again, but it was done. LOL

2. Stain and fix up M.Bedroom dresser Half-done, I got the drawers all done up and then we've had rainy weather....

3. Organise the office. Done!!

4. Pinic table; build and paint. Half-done, again the weather ruined this...

5. Sew the mini's floor cushions. Done!! I'll make a post all about it later, but here's one pic!

6. Paint the folding chairs. Done!! Pictures will be posted once I finish the picnic table because I want to do the overall effect on my patio.

7. Organise the mini's closet. Done.... it only lastest for an hour though...

8. Finish our bathroom (aka hang artwork and find holders for my makeup). Done, I found holders, but didn't hang artwork seeing as we're looking at houses!!

9. Figure out what to do about my entryway shoe problem. Oye. Fail. Massive fail.

10. Get photos printed out. Done :)
Overall, not too bad, I am a little disappointed in myself and I intended on getting more pictures... but the househunting is driving me crazy. LOL

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