Thursday, September 23, 2010

A few projects and a tutorial!

I end up making a lot of stuff for this little princess right here...

She is modeling one of many rockstar outfits she has. (She wants to be a rockstar... no idea where she got it but she's learning how to play the guitar!)

Shirt: Target (on clearnace)
Skirt: Children's Place (during their labor day sale)

ANYWAY!! I've had this idea for years now... I actually thought it up while I was looking around ratemyspace and had this whole conversation with a lady about curtain tie-backs. Out of uber large pearls.

So while I was at joanns I saw a bag filled with HUGE faux pearl beads... the idea hit me again and I decided why not.

^ my whole splurge... 4.25 for a blanket quilt kit I found on clearnace, 4 spools of ribbon on clearance and one reg price, two things of large pearls.

Other items you'll probably need, yarn or the like, a needle or tape (I used tape)

then you string the pearls onto the yarn... I used 21 for each tie-back... (and there are no pics of the progress because it really is kind of a pain in the butt. lol)

Then I ties on some of the purple sheer ribbon and cut the ends into an arrow, sewed the knots to make sure it all stayed... beautiful right?

^ here they are on the curtains. :D (Ignore my blinds, I need to call the apartments to have them replaced)

Then I made some more floor cushions using this tutorial! they turned out beautifully!

My next project has to deal with spraypaint... did you know you can spraypaint anything?

I do mean anything...

^exhibit A: bathroom trash can from college

^ I ♥ it!

And well... I can never go to Target without searching through their dollar section... they have halloween stuff... and I bought three of these cardboard glittery faux chandies that are absolutely gorg!!

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  1. Hi CO neighbor! Aww, thanks for checking in on us! Yup, we're fine....we are close enough that we could smell/see the smoke but far enough that we didn't have to evacuate. Our house was covered w/ a thin layer of ash inside & out! My heart just goes out to the poor families who lost their homes.

    After seeing your projects list, I realize I NEED to get off my arse & DO things. HA!
    (The little darling sure can rock an outfit!!)

  2. LOVE that faux chandy. How cool is that??! Thanks for joining the party. :)