Sunday, August 1, 2010

New blog layout and update!

I got this beautiful blog layout from
Go check out her stuff, she's awesome!
And now, an update, our house search is at a stop for awhile... we've decided to stay in our apartment for just a little longer so we can work on saving more money... once we looked at what we could afford it seemed better for us to save a little more so we could afford a bit more house.
So for now we are going to continue making our apartment our home. :) More projects to be done soon!
On the to be done soon (at least in August) list:
My time with my BFF Kim. (and maybe Kristin if she can get out here)
The Mini's birthday party.
Redo the master bedroom.
Finish the patio.
Finish the office.
New photo-wall.
Finish Living room.
Decorate Dining room.
Sewing projects.
And I might just have to make myself a nice little signature thing. ;) LOL

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